Anti-Counterfeiting Investigation Services

Anti-Counterfeiting Investigation Services

Our team directs every investigation and protect brands reputation from counterfeiting frauds with complete plans to cover and inspect your condition. This information is available through a wide number of client and case-related databases and insight sources. Here you can check out the data and decide the accuracy and if any doubt by utilizing an absolutely traditional analytical technique of expert intellectual property rights investigators.

ASEANEYES will work with you to make a game plan for anti-counterfeiting and brand protection investigations. Let us assist you with further illegal demonstrations of robbery and fraud that can hurt your image. Stop the harm while it is little and maintain a strategic distance from pressure and excess cost.

We help out nearby experts in formal Anti-Counterfeiting Investigations and will advocate for you as you ensure your image and item.

ASEANEYES – a well-known company with our partner GREVESGROUP® is universally acclaimed. We have references from our global clients that are accessible upon demand. You can talk with us, check your own case and see with your own eyes what is the difference? The difference that our team can make to solve your case of your company.

The leading enemy of counterfeiting investigations includes distinguishing proof and area of the speculated infringers. Infringement checking and proof securing can give the proof you have to survey indications of infringement. Covert purchases are the initial phase in understanding the wellspring of the infringing products.

  • Distinguish wellsprings of fraud, including the people or organizatione ngaged with the conveyance.
  • Make and actualize online brand security programs.
  • Lead mysterious evidentiary buys that will be allowable as proof.
  • Execute common seizures torecover fraud products as a team with legal authorization associations.
  • Agree to the apparent aim of the law to withstand the IP rights investigation services of legitimate activity and affirm varying in court.
  • Build up a program for anti-counterfeiting cases that causes you to react to infringements in the commercial center now and later on.

Our firm has examined a huge number of trademark infringers and has taken an interest in the execution of requests for seizure and pool of fraud merchandise. As an authorized private Trademark counterfeiting investigation firm spend significant time in against investigations, we can assist you with creating and execute a strategy to recognize and stop the dissemination of infringing products. Our Infringement Monitoring and Evidence Acquisition services give a compelling, activity situated answer for Internet brand mishandles. Also, through our worldwide vital partnerships, we can give worldwide inventory network inclusion that tends to infringement issues from source to deal with.

Distinguish the case/issue of fraud or black market merchandise, remembering data for people and organizations liable for generation.

Recognize conveyance channels and secure proof through the recorded evidentiary acquisition of suspected fraud or duplicated products. These purchases are directed within a reasonable setting to maintain obscurity and to maintain a strategic distance from rashly raising the doubt of the objective. The recorded chain of care is kept up to guarantee things are allowable as proof.

Facilitate and execute common plans to recover fake products following the issuance of a request for the infringing services. These assaults are directed in close coordination with proper law implementation associations.

Do the criminal investigation plan implementation by maintaining the requirements required to withstand the Counterfeit Investigation Services of legal activity. Our reports are conveyed in arguing plan, suitable for the direct introduction to end. Further, our expert Anti-Counterfeit Investigators have been approached and are set up to help their work with the direct declaration.

Program Design and Support

Create anti-counterfeiting investigations plans with us in case of duplicating or against robbery including planning documentation and make strategies. We help your association distinguish and respond to infringing things in the commercial center.

A security foundation can aid the attacks of channel disruption. We can aid the plan, establishment, and enhancement of observing hardware, including CCTV/DVD systems.

ASEANEYES is an accomplished company that can help with anti-counterfeiting investigations and brand theft. We know the significant expense of these issues just as the loss of brand reputation that can follow.

One of the most basic step is to recognize the most applicable key players for your situation, and afterward to explore and stop the exercises at the ideal time. That is the reason ASEANEYES gives far-reaching Brand protection investigations that results in noteworthy data. The outcomes can give you choices for halting and recognizing fake and robbery against important brands.

ASEANEYES with our assistant partner GREVESGROUP® will give you the data you need. Our answer includes the utilization of insightful strategies close by the most up to date innovation and information investigation. Our experts distinguish the kinds of collecting proofs and culprits who might be engaged with the brand and item robbery.

We can acquire case-related data with respect to criminal systems and initiators. Like any great investigator group, we have set up associations with neighborhood law implementation, which guarantees that you will get the most extreme outcomes with every investigation.

Anti-Counterfeit Investigations: Our Services

Get in touch with us for a free intellectual property investigation services (corporate clients just), and you will be satisfied with how much profit you get from using our services.

Here are a few services against fake investigations that we can give to your organization:

  • Inside and out web investigations
  • Operational and diagnostic investigations
  • Assessment of explicit internet checking information
  • Information investigation and information cleaning
  • Lead age to recognize focuses for investigations
  • Test buys, Interviews, and other customary investigations

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